Affinity Gallery’s The Thread That Binds Exhibition: What to See /Nigeria

Last Sunday, Lagos based Affinity Gallery opened up to a flurry of attendees, trooping in to view the art on display for the it’s latest exhibition, The Thread That Binds, their debut event for the year.

The roster of participating artists include Chinwendu Kelechi, Nikiwe Dlova, Stephanie Unaeze and Wanger Ayu. I haven’t been yet because of travel issues, but I’m not gon’ lie the images from the Gallery’s Instagram page are pretty compelling

What To Go See

The artist lineup is impressive, although you may not know that given how you are a pleb and how difficult it is to keep up with emerging names in the Nigerian contemporary art (ArtBoard will fix that).

But it might interest you to know that the event is billed as an extended celebration of the International Women’s Day, so a lot of womanhood and reproduction themes to be expected.

And manhood too, as it turns out. There’s a guy with two massive penises. Hey, anything that makes women happy, I’m with it.

When to go visit


The event is open 11am – 5pm, Tuesday to Saturdays, until it closes on the 29th of April.

More about this event and the art on their website


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