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Our Favourite Pride and Prejudice Artworks

Pride and Prejudice artworks cover image

Jane Austen wrote “Pride and Prejudice” in 1813. More than 200 years later it is still appreciated and enjoyed by many. The 2005 movie based on it, starring Kiera Knightley and Mathew Macfayen, has become one of the most beloved…

Semi-Surrealist Painting of Women by Christian Schloe

Austrian contemporary artist Christian Schloe makes women-centred art, transporting us into a land of fantasy filled with beauty, romance and sometimes weird surrealism. This she achieves using painting, photography, and illustration. Read more about Christina Schloe here

Digital Paintings By Jef Bourgeau

Jef Bourgeau has been making digital art for several decades. His work ranges from beautiful scenic pictures to flat and abstract. We are more interested in the non-abstract. You can have a look at Jeff Bourgeau’s Instagram.

“Harvest Rest” by George Cole

In this painting, 3 workers sit resting in the shade of a tree as they have a meal, away from bales of harvested wheat. There is an expanse of standing unharvested wheat that awaits them. A mass of thick clouds…

A Gallery of Vintage Architectural Drawings

A Gallery of Vintage Architectural Drawings ArtBoard

Here are some images of vintage architectural drawings I found on the internet. I have a lot of love for sketches and drawings, partly because I have a deep affection for clean lines and structure, but also because they stimulate…