Ghana: A Reminder Of African Heritage And The Role Art Plays

An exhibition was held in Accra in March of 2023. It featured paintings and wearable art pieces from artists such as Akwele Suma Glory and Adwowa Ammah – both Women Arts Institute African members.

The exhibition was called “Forward to the Past”. It was organized by Professor Esi Sutherland Addy (a writer and educator) and Dr Selasi Sosu (a Lecturer at the University of Lagos).

Speaking on the theme, Professor Esi Addy said that the past is the lives lived, the lessons learned, and the progress made. She advised Ghanaians to acknowledge and learn from the past and to build on the progress already made. She further expressed how important it is for Africa to preserve its innovative products as contributors to African heritage.

Dr Sosu shared her expectations of the exhibition to encourage artists like herself to continue creating despite their many challenges. She also shared her hope that the exhibition opens more doors for the display of women’s artworks in particular.

The pieces included in the exhibition were freestyle creations seeking to capture the connections between the past and the future with the present as a bridge.

You can read more about this event here


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