Hidden Treasure Unveiled: Rare Klimpt Painting is Restored to Homeland after Six Decades!

Water Serpents II by Gustav Klimt, a notable Austrian painter (1862-1918), was exhibited in Vienna, its homeland, after almost 60 years of vanishing from the limelight.

A work portraying nymphs struggling with a red serpent, Water Serpents II, was completed in 1907. It was last seen publicly in 1964 but has now re-emerged, on February 3 precisely, earning the interest of art curators and enthusiasts alike.

Initially bought by the Steiners, an Austrian family passionate about collecting artwork, the Nazis later stole the painting during world war II.

Along the line, Gustav Ucicky, a film director who ironically was Klimt’s illegitimate son, reclaimed ownership of the piece.

After his death, Ucicky’s widow hosted the last public appearance of the artwork in 1964. She later agreed to sell it to Dmitry Rybolovlev, president of the AS Monaco football club, for a whopping $112 million.

The current legitimate owners of the painting, HomeArt Collection in Hong Kong, founded by Rosaline Wong, bought it from Rybolovlev.

In a bid to cover the six-figure insurance fee required for borrowing the painting from Home Art for the art show, Belvedere offered to provide restoration expertise in exchange for including the painting in the art exhibition held from Friday, February 3 to May 29 in collaboration with Van Gogh Museum at The Belvedere Museum in Vienna, Austria.


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