“I Feel a Connection With it’s Genius”, Kenneth Maro Says About “Alien” Yeezy Shoes

Kanye West’s demons may be strong, but the man’s genius is stronger. ArtBoard noticed a recurrence of Adidas Yeezy foam runner shoes in oil paint artist Kenneth Maro’s works, so we asked him about it.

“I remember seeing the design for the first time” he told us, “I was astounded by it. I even called it genius.” ArtBoard agrees with the sentiment, although we are barely experts on shoes. The futuristic Yeezy was released in 2020 to critical acclaim and social media uproar.

Kenneth was so impressed that he felt a connection with the shoe and the Yeezy brand, which he now saw as symbolising the “high-quality space”, the same space in which he saw his art. “I feel the connection with the Yeezy form linked up so well because my work was already in a space where it could accommodate such Genius.”

So now you know why the space alien in “Light Bringer II” is sky-surfing in them Yeezy’s. Find more of Kenneth’s work here.


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