Largest Vermeer Painting Exhibition to be Hosted by Rijksmuseum

From February 10 to June 4, Rijksmuseum, Netherlands’ national museum of art and history, is set to provide visitors a tour through 28 out of the total 37 paintings ascribed to the famed Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

Johannes Vermeer was a 17th-century master painter (1632-1675) who used light and color to make his works realistic.

Nicknamed “The Sphinx of Delft” due to the mystery surrounding his personality as there are no portraits, diaries, or letters of him, high-tech research into his artwork is gradually broadening knowledge about him and his art style.

His paintings are centered around interior scenes—especially of women and children in domestic tasks—religion, and cityscape—two paintings depicting Delft, his hometown.

His most famous works are The Milkmaid and Girl with the Pearl earrings.

Rijksmuseum has recorded its largest response so far, having over 200,000 people who purchased the tickets to view the artworks in person in the Amsterdam exhibition. However, for those who can’t afford the ticket or travel down to Amsterdam, there’s the virtual option—a video exhibition narrated by Stephen Fry.


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