Million Dollar Painting Was Just Casually Hanging In French Family’s TV Room

I found this story pretty cool: an appraiser brought into a family’s home in France to determine the value of some of the items strutted into the TV room and found a 500 year old Brueghel painting, partly submerged behind a door.

The painting, The People’s Lawyer, has subsequently been sold for $850,000, according to artnews.

Since reading this, I’ve scanned every inch of every wall in my house, and I’ve been stung by a large spider in the process. No Brueghel yet though.

Insanely important artworks get found in the most random places all the time, especially in France. In 2014, a dusty Caravaggio was found in a Toulouse man’s attic. In 2019, a rare work by Italian master Cimabue was discovered in an old lady’s kitchen on the outskirts of Paris, valued between $4-6,000,000.

Christ Mocked, by Cimabue. Michael Euler/AP

Maybe I’m doing this wrong. Perhaps the thing is to first move to France, buy a house, live in it a little while, then search it for precious paintings. 10/10 chance of finding at least one, two on a good day.


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