NIG: Celebrating Amazing Women Artists Who Have made A Mark

March 8th was International Women’s Day. In celebration of the holiday, we take a look at some incredible female Nigerian visual artists who have made themselves into household names locally and internationally.

Queen Nwaneri-Olatunde

Nwaneri-Olatunde has singled herself out with her use of rich colors in unconventional ways. Her art often comprises women and children as subjects placed in discourses. This approach often leaves her pieces open to extensive interpretations of her artistic concerns.

Modupe Fadugba

A multimedia artist who produces paintings and drawings, Modupe Fadugba boasts a background in engineering, economics and education. She aims to address cultural identity, social justice and the socio-political landscape of Nigeria and its effects on the art world.

Nike Davies-Okundaye

Nike has made herself a household name in the African art scene. She has made significant advancements in textiles, visual arts and multimedia painting. She is behind the widely recognized Nike Art Empire, which consists of galleries, shops and training centers worldwide.

Nengi Omuku

Nengi Omuku’s paintings often feature loaded spaces with undefined presences floating through them.
These women have more than earned the recognition that they are receiving and should be checked out.


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