NIG: Rele Gallery Announces Kenneth’Maro Solo Exhibition

Exciting contemporary artist Kenneth “Kenny Maro” Oghenemaro will have his debut solo exhibition at Rele Gallery Lagos, a statement by the Gallery has confirmed. The Exhibition is titled “This Is Not Earth”.

Rele Gallery, whose stable of exciting young artists has enchanted patrons at their locations in Lagos and Los Angeles, want you to know that this exhibition by the young artist will transport you “into strange, futuristic realms…populated by luminous clouds, floodlights and superhero characters zipping by on hoverboards.”

The full statement/ Rele Gallery on Instagram

Sounds fun! And clearly not earth, at all.

What to expect

From a glance at his Instagram feed, you can deduce that Kenny Maro is an oil on canvas artist, who loves to explore the soul of adventure and youth. The colours are vivid, with the focal points being some young character in some exploratory state, over a non intrusive background Landscape.

Artworks by Kenneth “Kenny Maro Oghenemaro. Via Instagram.

This is not Earth will open 2pm on Sunday, April 2, 2023.


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