Nigerian lawyer attempting a new world record for longest painting Marathon

Lagos- A Nigerian artist and legal practitioner is reaching for a place in history books, particularly the one by Guinness World Records, as she attempts to set a new world record for the longest painting marathon. Oyinlola Odumewu started her attempt this weekend and has reached 40 hours as this is written.

Although Lola’s Foundation™ profile bio describes her as a digital artist interested in “unique abstract art”, she is demonstrating she is quite deft with a brush and canvas as well. Her compositions are also predominantly colourful figurative pictures. Here she is attempting a scene that looks a little Magritte-ish.

Her talent is not in question here though. The question is whether she has the physical and mental fitness to keep her hands and mind up for more than 70 continuous hours to surpass Ronald Palmaerts 2013 record. She merely has to paint till the end of today to do it by her original schedule. But probably also tomorrow, given she has taken breaks, as seen here.

ArtBoard wishes her success. We’ll tell you how it all turns out.


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