One Tiny Detail Everyone Has Missed In Van Gogh’s “Potato Eaters”

A dark painting amongst Vincent Van Gogh’s rack of dark paintings, “The Potato Eaters” is a favourite amongst Van Gogh lovers. Yet, buried in the shadow of the overwhelming misery borne by the poor family in the painting, is a detail everyone has missed.

Well, not everyone. The folks over at the Van Gogh Museum shared on Instagram that they could reveal the hidden thing with a black and white photo, hyper-brightened to the freaking moon.

It’s a SIGNATURE! Apparently, Van Gogh had signed his name onto the back of the miserable potato-eating father’s chair. But it has been rendered invisible as the paint darkened with time (making the painting altogether more grim).

Speaking of grim, here are Vincent Van Gogh’s most depressing paintings.


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