Orisun Gallery hosts art Collaboration Between Israeli and Nigeria Artists

Two female artists from both countries worked on a project titled “The Art of Friendship” to commemorate the thirty-year cordial relationship between the Nigerian and Israeli Embassies.
The two artists, Israeli Ella Amitay Sadovsky and Nigerian Dr Peju Layiwola have been working together at the Orisun Gallery for over a week to create masterpieces that portray the central theme of the exhibition—friendship.

Participants at the Orisun Gallery/ Daily Trust

The idea of a joint art venture originated from the Israeli ambassador and his wife, who were eager to prove through the beauty of art how the relationship between Israel and Nigeria has progressed over the past three decades.
According to Dr Peju Layiwola, the project aimed to make a lasting impression on the meaning of friendship and what people can infer from that concept.
Another striking observation about this collaboration is two women from different cultures were involved. This shows that women are now being given a stronger voice in the art world and that barriers of race and regional differences are crumbling.
The Orisun Gallery is the prime spot chosen to house the Art of Friendship workshop and strengthen a better relationship between Nigeria and Israel.

Reference: https://dailytrust.com/orisun-gallery-hosts-the-art-of-friendship-workshop/


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