Real Artists Breathe Easier- This Cloaking Tool Can Protect Your Work From AI

Humanity will surely perish by technology, since we are bent on creating machines that will exterminate all that is good about us, like human creativity and art, all over venture capitalist dollars. But that moment of doom will now experience a small delay, thanks to this new FREE tool called Glaze which uses technology to protect the work of talented humans from the claws of AI.

It achieves this by “cloaking” the artwork in a layer of invisible perturbations, which causes the demonic AI robot to become rather stupefied and struggle to make sense of the situation, bewildered, like a drunk Irishman in Shanghai. So when the drooling nerd in his mom’s basement opens up Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or DALL-E 2, enters your name and commands the bot to give him images in your style, what comes up is a nasty thing that looks nothing like you’d make, inflicting maximum emotional damage.

Ben Zhao, a professor of computer science at University of Chicago, who led the project, told TechCrunch that he and his team had to “try to understand how the AI model perceives its own version of what artistic style is…and then we basically work in that dimension — to distort what the model sees as a particular style.”

While this definitely does not mean the end of the AI menace, and the bots will inevitably rule the planet in the coming techno-apocalypse, it is still pretty sweet to see artists have a way to fight back and cause AI promptists to sweat a little.

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