Italy Celebrates Getting $19M Looted Art Back

Art looting is not news to most of us, (especially the British) and as is the norm for most victims, their art remains unreturned. Italy however, has been excused from this norm, with the repossession of over $19 million worth of art which had been on display at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as in private homes and auction houses.

Although the loot was returned over 14 months ago according to Italy’s culture ministry, Monday 23rd January 2023 was taken as a day for a celebratory news conference to account for the fruitful collaboration between Italian and American law enforcement officials. It is through the collaborative effort of U.S Authorities and Italian law enforcement officials that these artefacts have been traced, seized and returned.

Several of the dozens of looted items worth $19 million that U.S. authorities returned to the Italy.EMANUELE ANTONIO MINERVA/ITALIAN MINISTRY OF CULTURE

These recovered items date back to the seventh century B.C. Among these items include marble statues, terra-cotta artefacts, red-figure vases and rare bronzes.

According to  Gen. Vincenzo Molinese, head of Italy’s carabinieri art theft squad, now that the artefacts have been returned to Italy,  several of them would be exhibited at a new museum dedicated to recovered art and later relocated to museums near the ancient sites that they are believed to have been looted from.

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