The Inside Out Exhibition for Josy Ajiboye!

Josy Ajiboye has most likely impacted your childhood without you knowing it. He is one of Nigeria’s finest cartoonists and painters, whose works are much sought after worldwide.

Main Auction House has decided to celebrate him with a 2-day exhibition of his artworks.

This event titled “Inside Out: Unveiling Josy Ajiboye” is an effort to not only celebrate an iconic figure, Mr. Josiah Akanbi Ajiboye, popularly known as “Josy Ajiboye” but also to find out the intricacies of his art and how he creates it.

The exhibition was held on the 9th and 10th of February 2023 at Main Auction House *place*. There was a conversation about him on February 11. And the auction of his works took place at Oregun, Lagos.

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