VOTE NOW: Least Interesting Van Gogh self Portrait

Van Gogh was a PROLIFIC self portrait artist, making at least 37 (known) pictures. These self portraits are incredible windows into the seasons of life of ingenious but tortured artist, made over several years, in places from Paris to Arles.

These images also feature many states: In some he looks forlorn wearing a cap, forlorn with a pipe, but mostly just forlorn.

It goes without saying that not all these images are made equal. They are great, but not equally great. Being the equal opportunities haters that we are here at ArtBoard, we will now force you to rank these artworks from least interesting to most interesting:

Self-Portrait with Dark Felt Hat at the Easel, 1886
Self-Portrait, Winter 1886/87
Self-portrait without beard, end September 1889
Self-Portrait, August 1889
Self-Portrait, Summer 1887, Paris

Share your preferred ranking in the comments!

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